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elements-nutrition-logo I’ve been working on an exciting creative project with the Royal Society of Chemistry over the past few months, in partnership with a lovely team of developers at Texavi. I’m very happy to say that my concepts of a game around the topic of ‘health’ have been realised in the release of a new mobile and tablet application, Elements of Nutrition!

Do you know what type of food you need to eat to help you see in the dark or help your body build strong bones and teeth? Play Elements of Nutrition to find out! In this fun and educational game for ages 6-12 years, the aim is to collect as much healthy food as you can, whilst avoiding the unhealthy snacks.

Children playing the game at the Cambridge Science Festival
Children playing the game at the Cambridge Science Festival

Elements of Nutrition was a big hit at the Cambridge Science Festival this year; the app was available to play on iPad and was popular with a wide age range of children and their parents. With facts about vitamins and minerals at the start of each level, this simple app proved to be a valuable learning tool, as well as a fun game with a ‘juicy’ element of competition.

“This app could be used to help consolidate a student’s understanding of a healthy eating topic as it revises the different food groups with examples of foods which constitute a healthy diet. The app could be used at the start of a lesson to assess prior learning and again at the end to see if the student’s knowledge has improved. It can also, of course, be used at home or any time during a lesson that a teacher feels is appropriate.” - Susan Thompson, Regional Coordinator (East), Royal Society of Chemistry, Schools and Colleges Team.
"I think the app would be really good for students with English as an additional language; in the early stages of learning English it would allow them to engage in science lessons without really needing to speak or understand much English.” - Secondary school teacher, Cambridge Science Festival.

The app is deceivingly educational as as each level you learn about why it’s important to eat food containing lots of vitamins and minerals. You then catch these types of food in your shopping trolley. The game covers both vitamins (A, C, D) and minerals (calcium, potassium and iron).

The game is currently available to download for free for iPhone, iPod and iPad, and will be soon available on Android operating systems.

I hope you enjoy playing Elements of Nutrition as much as I’ve had making it with the Strategic Innovation Team and Texavi - please feel free to download, play, share and have some educational fun! Let me know if you can beat my top score of 1460!