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I've forgotten to write a blog post this week as I've been busy writing a presentation to deliver to my industrial PhD partners. I've also been playing far too much roller derby (if such a thing exists) for my poor arms to cope with. A new regular feature has therefore been created from my lack of free time and energy - a pictorial run through of my recent happenings in the lab. I hope you enjoy the photos and the insight into my PhD!

Let's start with an old photo to ease us in. I wish my fume cupboard was still this clean and well organised. Unfortunately I am all to used to the perils of working with wood that stains everything it touches!

I wish my fume hood was still this clean and well organised.

These test tubes are from a flash chromatography system. Flash chromatography is faster at separating compounds than gravity chromatography because it uses pressure to push the compounds through the column. Look at the pretty variations in colour!

Look how concentrated some of these are!

You can also separate compounds using a funnel like this one. Here the sugars from my bark extract are creating a circular pattern on top of the liquid.

Filtering my separations

The layers of filter paper resulting from my recent extraction methodology look like a rather pretty brown speckled poppy. Shame it doesn't smell like one too.

Filter paper from my many extractions

Finally, my top success for the week was finding a solvent system that would dissolve 3 very different compounds. This is a photo of one of the failures, as you can see from the undissolved substance on the right.


That's all from me this week - how was your week in or out of the lab?