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It's the 100th day of my PhD! How do I know this? I'm tweeting my way through my PhD, one day at a time.

Hashtags are all the rage on Twitter, so I thought I'd jump on board and use one too for my own little project (or big project if you consider it as part of the PhD itself). Documenting my highs and lows in a concise way (oh I love you Twitter) will hopefully give me something to look back on in the future and engage with others who are going through, or have had, the same experiences as me in my PhD.

I'm hoping that grouping all of the relevant tweets together using the #TweetmyPhD hashtag and numbering them by day will keep the tweets easy to find and time line easy to follow. (Although, I've already mixed up the numbering on a few of the days - I usually tweet at the end of the day, when I'm tired and my proof-reading skills slip!)

The numbering follows the simple rule that if I spend a considerable amount of time working or thinking about my PhD, it gets a tweet using the hashtag. Hence I foresee that most weeks will have five #TweetmyPhD tweets (Mon-Fri) and some will extend to six or seven. I'm aiming to stick to working Mon-Fri only, but we will see what happens further into my PhD.

Is anyone else out there tweeting their way through their PhD? I'd love to hear from you! As for celebrating my 100th day, I think I will enjoy a few cocktails later. After all, it is a Friday!