Lately in the lab – October 2014

Lately the the lab October 2014This month I have:

  • Recruited new members to the University of Surrey's Garden Society at Freshers' Fayre
  • Helped build a polytunnel in the garden
  • Planned a very successful pumpkin carving event for GardenSoc
  • Attended the Postgrad pub Quizzes at Wates
  • Worked an open day for the chemistry department
  • Organised and run Surrey Roller Girls' new Autumn skater intake 'Freshmeat Fridays'
  • Fouled out of my first roller derby game (SRG vs Coventry)
  • Danced at a wedding
  • Fulfilled a lifelong dream to visit Paris
  • Neglected my blog (sorry)

In the lab I've been photographing bark samples that have been sent to me from all over Europe. I have 34 so far. It's my job now to work out which ones have the highest concentration of a certain compound in them.

Out of the lab I've been getting very cosy with TopSpin (chemistry pun for those chemists out there) and writing, writing, writing. I have a big report to write for my project partners, as well as my confirmation report to write! A lot of coffee has been consumed and the secret stash of biscuits in my drawer needs re-stocking.

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