Lately in the Lab November 2014

This month I have:
  • Surrounded myself with owls
  • Taken off my Surrey Rollergirls head coach hat and put on a director's one
  • Won a roller derby game against Big Bucks High Rollers!!
  • Presented my work to the EU consortium
  • Attended a natural products conference
  • Eaten two Christmas dinners
  • Bought a ticket to Rollercon
  • Made a vat of minestrone soup to sell at the wellbeing fair for GardenSoc
  • Orchestrated a CRAFTsoc and GardenSoc social event where we painted plant pots!
  • Finished writing (Bourbon spread below is a key part of my writing process) and HANDED IN MY CONFIRMATION VIVA!!
No 'Lately in the Lab' for December as I did not step foot in the lab - my feet were in New Zealand!


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