Lately in the lab – August 2014

Lately in the labA mysterious box appeared one morning. What did it contain? I conspired over a new way of importing PhD students into the lab, while others thought it may be new lab equipment (how boring). Turns out they were right, although it was (chemistry pun alert) an exciting new Ramen spectrometer - so not so boring after all.

A mysterious box in the lab

I took a shameless lab selfie. Chemists always button their lab coats to the top, honest.

Shameless lab selfieHolding a beaker with gloves

I must admit it did take me a few attempts to open this screw top bottle, even with the nicely designed pictorial guidance.

Screw-top bottle with contentsThe view from above a round bottomed flaskLots of vials for analysisCalibration volumetric flasks
Calibration has been keeping me busy lately, as well as report writing and problem-solving. I however managed to squeeze in recording a short profile piece for the Radio Cardiff 'Pythagoras' Trousers' science show. It will be airing on Monday evening if you'd like to have a listen.

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