25 before 26 – Roadtrip around New Zealand

Last December Charles and I took a month out of our PhD's to road trip around New Zealand (and pop over to Sydney for New Year). We blogged our way across the country, taking over 3000 photos and days of video footage, which we condensed into a three minute video.

New Zealand is simply the most stunning country I've had the pleasure of visiting. The landscape is so beautiful, even if you do nearly lose a couple of your fingers to frostbite to enjoy it (I need to buy more insulating gloves).
tongario crossing rainspaceship campervan orange

We stayed in a camper van - or rather, a bright orange Spaceship. I hadn't driven a car for about five years before I got behind the steering wheel bright and early after our first night in the van. Fortunately I didn't need to worry about a thing - changing gear was easy as the ship was an automatic, New Zealanders drive on the same side of the road as 'us Brits' and in the end, I actually quite enjoyed driving!

I couldn't possibly decide what my favourite part of the trip was for me, each day had its own quirk (whether good or bad). Some of my highlights included: walking the Tongario Crossing, Rafting over the highest commercially-raftable waterfall, swimming in a secret hot spring, taking a helicopter ride to climb on a glacier and seeing a rare yellow-eyed penguin waddling out to sea.

For the full low-down on our adventure take a look at our travel blog. Looking at the photos makes me want to go back already. See you again soon New Zealand!

This post completes one of the 25 goals I have set myself to achieve before my 26th birthday.

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