25 before 26: plant something

veg_garden_2526In May I went along to a meeting to learn about a new garden I had heard about on campus. Little did I know that this was a ratification for a new garden society and that I would walk away as the vice president. I had next-to-no experience of growing my own veg or looking after a garden but it's something I had always wanted the chance to learn and I do love a challenge! I could only hope that I could really push the society to grow into something that would attract members that knew what they were doing... Fortunately Charles and Tom were also cast into the committee as president and treasurer and so I was in good company to start things off.

Before any planting we had to layout the ground:

The committee deciding the garden layout earlier this week

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The next step was to erect the polytunnel. We had a fun weekend in the mud trying to get this thing to stand upright and look presentable - the first challenge was to correct the ground poles as the builders had concreted them into the ground one foot too far apart, adding an extra couple of hours to our build time.

Garden Soc Polytunnel Timelapse from Garden Soc on Vimeo. The Garden Society is one of the fastest growing societies on campus, with 87 active members on our mailing list that we managed to retain from over 300 that we signed up at Fresher's Fayre in October. (I put this down to the garden jokes in my emails.) You can read about us on our blog, on Twitter and see our pictures on Instagram. We've also been featured twice in the University's student newspaper, 'The Stag' and mentioned several times on Stag Radio thanks to our media guru Tiff.

I take pride in heading up events for our members outside of the garden - so far we've run a Halloween pumpkin carving event with Surrey Marrow society and a plant pot painting session with CRAFTSoc (the craft society). I am really excited for next year's plans to hold a big pot-luck in one of the restaurants on campus - preparations are already underway!

You can't really avoid the Garden society on campus - we seem to pop up everywhere! In November I helped prepare 60L of vegetable soup to sell on our stall at the Wellbeing Fair and the committee spent the (same) evening thanking the University's Annual Fund donors for their generous contribution to help us get the garden off the ground.

I may have slightly lead you the wrong way down the garden path with this post - I have to say I have been so busy on the committee that I haven't actually had any time to plant anything! I have however failed to grow some grapes from a free kit I received (I think it's too cold in my office) and planted some chili seeds at home (growing strong!).

This post completes one of the 25 goals I have set myself to achieve before my 26th birthday.

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