25 before 26 – Buy a food processor & bake carrot cake

25 before 26 food processor and carrot cakeThis post completes two of the 25 goals I have set myself to achieve before my 26th birthday.

I have broken two food processors in the last month.

Charles bought me the first one as an anniversary present. He was really excited for me to start using it so set it up for me while I looked through the instruction booklet. A heartbreaking cracking noise filled the room - as he turned the processor on, the bowl had shattered in various places. Quick to rectify the problem, we boxed the several broken pieces up and took it back to the shop to exchange it for another.

I managed to bake a batch of vegan scones, some cakes to sell for one of the Surrey Roller Girls' home games and use some of the chopping attachments to make a Thai curry paste before the replacement broke. I left it on the drying rack after washing up the remains of the curry paste when a mysterious force (aka, gravity) caused it to fall off and crack, again. Surely the mixing bowl should have been sturdier than this, it didn't even fall that far!

I need a food processor that can cope with me throwing it around. Something big and strong, with a good motor and thick mixing bowl. I used to own a true vintage 80's Magimix, handed down to me by my Nan. It lasted 30 years before it broke! A new Magimix will become part of my kitchen toolbox very soon (once I've saved up my pennies). Until then, I'll continue to make things by hand - including the carrot cake I made this month for Charles and his new house mates (no picture sorry, it was eaten too quickly)!

One piece of advice to add - take a picture before you take something with many parts out of a box! It will help when trying to get said items back into the box, in the correct configuration to be able to actually close the box. It took us maybe half an hour to work out which way we had to put the items back in when we forgot to take a picture the first time (not a great advertisement for PhD students).

One thought on “25 before 26 – Buy a food processor & bake carrot cake

  1. In our defence it was a very intricately packaged machine! And in my defence, the carrot cake smelt too good and I couldn't wait the extra 10 seconds it would have been to take a photo... sorry not sorry internet.


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