Emily Reacts

Creativity with chemistry

A friend once called me a 'fun, lovable chemistry nerd’ and I think that pretty much sums me up. Emily Reacts encompasses my love for chemistry and how it can be applied to everyday creative projects.
I help researchers to level-up their science by working with them to tackle science-related creative problems. Using creative science communication, I translate complex science jargon, acronyms and academic language into easy-to-understand words, analogies and visuals.

Experimenting with creativity

When I was 18 I had to make a tough decision – pursue a career in art or science? One year later, I still couldn't decide. I packed away my art foundation degree portfolio and headed to study chemistry at university. It was here that I realised you can be creative with science and that I had a knack for getting creative with communicating it.

After graduation, I dabbled in science-writing for Chemistry World. It didn't take long for the incredible scientists that I was interviewing to inspire me into discovering some ground-breaking chemistry for myself. I was lured back to academia to earn my PhD in natural products chemistry (looking at larch tree bark).
With a PhD tucked under my arm, I worked for a few years as a science communicator for a small biomedical research charity. Here I also created programmes to support young researchers kick-start their careers. This helped me move to where I am now, working full-time managing a research grant programme for an environmental NGO.

Contact me

Do you need help managing a creative science project, engaging with researchers or science-checking a design project? Get in touch to see how I could help.

If you'd like to hire me for a freelance job, ask me a question or just say hello, you can email me or contact me over on LinkedIn or Twitter (where I share tips for engaging with scientists).